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148 » Christian 1%er
Thanks a LOT to Swiss Brothers for the sooooo good party in Argovia! It was just great! Sooo much fun and laughs LOL!
Congratulations again to the new full patch! AOA ALL THE WAY
Christian 1%er

147 » Wolfy
Hello brother AOA Argovie.

Congretulation for Wolf 1%er to the new statut of full page.

One Way.

Wolfy pc AOA
wallis Switzerland

Herzlichen Glückwünsche an Wolf 1% er, zum Vollmember! Du hast es dir verdient!!!Wir sind stolz auf dich!

145 » Garry PC AOA Wallis aus Switzerland
Best greetings to all Argovia Brothers, all my special Congratulations to our Brother Wolf1%er for your Full Status.

See you soon


One Way AOA!!!

Garry PC AOA
Wallis Switzerland

144 » Wallon
I'm here just to say hello.
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