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136 » Pinball 1%er aus West Coast, Florida USA
To my Swiss Brothers...very proud to be invited to your clubhouse and to have met you. The showing of brotherhood from you to me with 1%er pride...I feel privileged. Thank You with Outlaw Love, Loyalty and Respect. Hope to return and see you all soon. Pinball 1%er, West Coast, Florida USA

135 » senya 1%er
big thanks for hospitality! am have a good time from brothers of switzerland.

134 » Christian 1%er
It was soo great to ride with you for the Eurorun!We spent very good times!
Thanks a lot to Prospective Wallis and Rebels mc for everything!This is Brotherhood and no other shit!
Hope to see you all very soon
Take care
Christian 1%er

133 » Jared 1% Rebels mc switzerland
a big thank you for this great party , last weekend. beautiful moments of friendship,brotherhood and biking. See you very soon.
Best regards


132 » Garry PC AOA Wallis aus Switzerland
Great thanks to our Argovia Brothers for this perfect party the last week-end, very good weather with us, nice place, good food and cold drink and very good special cocktails.....

Best Greets


PC AOA Wallis
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