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143 » Slebbe1%er aus Belgium
Send my regards to the pc chapter Wallis and Rebels mc.
Thanks a lot for the great times we had together with all of you.
Hope to see you very soon for another party ...
LL&R Slebbe1%er AOA Darkside

142 » Christian 1%er
Thanks a lot to Rebels mc for the great party!
Happy 30th Anniversary
Great to see all Swiss Bros
Everything was just fine

Hope to see u all soon

Christian 1%er


141 » Blue Eyes 1%er
Great weekend again at Wallis.
Thanks for the nice organisation and super location to Rebels MC Swiss, and all in the Prospective Chapter Wallis & support for their help.
Congratulations with your 30th anniversary Rebels MC Swiss!!
Thanks to the J├ĄgermeiSter for being at our side all the time
Cu at the following party over there!

Blue Eyes 1%er
Outlaws MC Belgium
Chapter Mechelen

140 » Christian 1%er
Thanks to Everyone for the GREAT times last weekend in Wallis! Nice run and good food (Even if we missed pizzas LOL) Everything was just fine
Christian 1%er

139 » Garry PC AOA Wallis aus Switzerland
Perfect Run Wallis, great thank you to all Brothers to Rebels MC, Support and Friends come with us and for the work the last week-end, very good time and good trip on the Road.

One Way AOA, Not Other Shit!!

Best greetings to all

With my all Respect

Prospective Chapter AOA
Wallis Switzerland
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